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The Manifesto

Our mission at Culture Critique is to save the West from collapse from internal treason and hostile invasion and restore it to its former greatness by telling the truth about the threat to our survival and those responsible for the attacks on our families, culture, and way of life, while proposing solutions to fight back.

The West is the only truly functional civilization in human history, based as it is on organic sovereign nations, natural law, beauty, quality, creativity, freedom of speech and association, and right to bear arms for self-defence, particularly against tyrannical and totalitarian governments. If humanity is to survive, Western civilization must be preserved at all costs. Every group has a right to its own homeland, including Western Europeans and their diaspora.

Culture Critique is opposed to all forms of invasion and occupation by foreign groups in any nation. We believe in natural law and territorial separation of all groups for the well-being and prosperity of everyone. It follows that we are against diversity, communism, and corporatism which seek to occupy lands not their own and erase borders to create a global totalitarian state variously known The New World Order, Globalism, and The Great Reset, and promoted by the UN, EU, Davos/WEF, and other international and supranational organizations, and corrupt national governments seeking to replace their own people. We will not be replaced. We take our own side.

Across the globe, governments are fighting an unrestricted war against their national populations. With internet censorship and propaganda, ubiquitous surveillance, CBDCs, AI, and social credit scores, our very freedom and humanity are under attack. We have reached a critical juncture where we must fight back or perish.

Culture Critique does not condone violence, or support anything unethical, immoral, or illegal. We fight with humor, ideas, metapolitics, and political organization and action to achieve political change. We ask you to join us in this fight to preserve the right for people of all nations to remain free of oppression.

You can start by opting out of the system, tuning out from the propaganda, finding ways to be self-sufficient, speaking the truth to others without fear, organizing politically, and engaging in civil disobedience, boycotts, and other measures to starve states and the victim mafia of their power and agency.

The liberal, so-called democratic order is dead. It’s time for revolution in the true sense of a return to nature, natural law, and traditional culture, values, and norms based on virtue and arete. Any donation you wish to make to help in this struggle is much appreciated.

We encourage you to read 
our previous posts and access our archive to gain a better understanding of the situation we are in.

Thanks for reading,

Sir Ravensword

Culture Critique provides engaging opinion and insightful analysis of modern culture.

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