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Respect the Race Taboo

By: Tiktaalik

The taboo against race-mixing exists to preserve the genetic heritage of a nation, and it must be respected at all costs. Break it and you contribute to you own death and the death of your people. My message to white men and white women everywhere is this: You belong to a genetic heritage that has produced the greatest civilization in world history. It's high time to take your own side, oppose the Third World minority invasion, and reproduce with your own people.

Like the natural world, civilizations go through cycles of birth, growth, maturity, and decline. Human civilizations are founded by the violence of strong, skilled, ambitious, and intelligent individuals. Western nations are in decadent decline, and it is only a matter of time before the corporate state decides to imprison or kill dissidents, in order to preserve its failed ideology of egalitarianism. The arc of civilization will be complete when the warrior aristocracy once again rises up and fights to re-establish a society of excellence based on natural law.

Noise is pollution. Sensible, law-abiding Westerners instinctively dislike noise because they understand the environmental decay it represents. The great achievements of Western culture serve as a constant reminder to Third World groups of their historical, universal failures as societies. Which is why the diversity is trying to destroy the West they have invaded. All diversity needs to be sent home, humanely, before they turn Western countries into Third World wastelands.

Narcissists care only about themselves. The Baby Boomers are the narcissistic generation. Narcissism and virtue-signaling go hand in hand. Boomers gave us egalitarianism and civil rights so they could pursue a selfish materialist lifestyle. They sold out Gen X and Millennials for the sake of their own greed. The United States is in terminal decline because of the Boomers.

We don't need minorities, but they need us; it's time to dismantle the anti-white Civil Rights legislation that is ruining America, so minorities can better understand how much they depend on us, and more importantly so they learn self-sufficiency based on American standards, and ideally so they go home when the "free stuff" including jobs, government protection, and favorable media coverage are gone. Time for "minority flight" back to their homelands.

Being physically healthy means not eating junk food, not overeating, and exercising regularly. Being mentally healthy means not watching the MSM and Hollywood movies, or becoming addicted to social media and video games that steal your time and life away, when you could be connecting with others, and producing something useful and of value to yourself and others.

Western democracy and capitalism work when people are allowed to pursue their own best interest without undue state interference. It is this live and let live attitude that is being attacked by social engineering that intends to force people to accept ideologies and lifestyles they do not agree with. If minorities are to be tolerated, they need to mind their own business, adopt a live and let live attitude, and make it on their own merit like everyone else. That is the American way.

Mass immigration is really foreign invasion, and the real diversity of the world depends on it being stopped at all costs. We don't need any more corporate globalization. Every nation needs to pursue its own path, as opposed to every nation becoming the same low quality, generic hellhole. Globalization is ecocide. We need a moratorium on immigration. 


Race Hustlers Lynch Themselves

By: The Smoking Gun

Jussie Smollett is a narcissistic race hustler who payed two black Nigerian men he knew personally to stage a fake assault of himself to advance his acting career. Identity politics race hustling now needs to invent fake racist violence to justify itself. Minorities need to take responsibility for themselves and stop wrongfully inventing crimes and blaming their problems on white men.

"Hate Speech" Does Not Exist

By: Sir Ravensword

"Hate speech" like so many other Leftist ideological memes, does not exist. Speech is just speech. You might not like it, it might be insulting, or simply the truth, or both, but sooner or later Leftists need to come to grips with the fact that their scam has been exposed, that they are making it worse by their ranting and raving vulgarity, and that they need to face reality and stop projecting. Diversity is a zero sum game that always eats its own.

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