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The Communist Death Cult

By: Sir Ravensword

Communism is an international death cult that seeks to replace nature, and thereby humanity, with the machine. In today's world, you are either a communist or a nationalist. Nationalism is life-affirming, as nationalists want to preserve the organic nation and its culture and history based on natural order. Nationalists, therefore, revere nature and believe that the purpose of life is life itself; while communists deny nature and worship death, using humans as disposable objects with the aim of replacing them with AI code and the Singularity. Our organic DNA is the most important code we have. It is far superior to the binary of sterile computer operating systems, and standardized political ideologies such as communism. Our challenge as nationalists is to preserve our organic national identities in the face of the ideological bug of communism that seeks to destroy our DNA and with it our earthly existence. This is achieved through resistance to, and unrestricted warfare against, illegitimate communist Western governments, supranational and international organizations and corporations, and the oligarchs of the Davos Set. The globalists have been waging this war against us for a long time. To secure our liberty and national survival we must now fight back in earnest.

Imagine, if you will, a country where citizens are warned 24 hours a day about an unseen deadly threat lurking just outside their door, where no one is allowed to leave their home, leading spartan subsistence lives supported by digital government currency while hypnotized by glowing screens streaming endless propaganda as corporate food is delivered via drone. Imagine a place where women and men no longer reproduce but have their social media profiles uploaded and merged into AI robot progeny, where access to housing and a job depends on your social obedience score, and where each day everyone prays to the Ministry of Equality for an end to quality, achievement, and social standards, and where, as a result, there is no art, beauty, love, hope, meaning, or nature. Welcome to the Biden Regime's China Virus Twilight Zone.

The fraudulent election of John F. Kennedy in 1961 represents the culmination of the Judeo-Catholic takeover of the United States from its Northern European Protestant founders, via Ellis Island mass immigration. The next president to be fraudulently elected is Joe Biden, also an Irish Catholic. The Biden regime represents the peak of Judeo-Catholic power as they seek to establish a communist government in the United States through treason with China to maintain the status quo. It is represented by a corrupt Irish Catholic as President, a mixed-race Black-Indian Hart-Celler immigrant as Vice President, who not coincidentally is married to a Jew with business ties to the CCP; a mafia Italian Catholic as the Speaker of the House, and a Jewish Supremacist as the Senate Majority Leader. The Dems and the DNC used Covid as means to cover up the economic collapse they precipitated, while also allowing them to avoid blame and establish further totalitarian control of society by destroying the rest of the economy and stealing an election. The authorities enforcing the Covid lockdowns are not surprisingly the usual Judeo-Catholic suspects, including Fauci, Cuomo, De Blasio, Garcetti and others. It is time to name and depose the Jewish and Italo-Irish Catholic communist mafia that runs our government, and take back our country.

The Treason of the Uniparty

By: The Nationalist

The breach of Congress on January 6 was an Antifa / BLM-led false flag used to secretly certify electors for Biden and purge conservatives and dissidents from social media and society. This was the ultimate betrayal of the American people by the Uniparty, the MSM, and Big Tech. During the peaceful protest, the capitol police murdered a young veteran. Her name was Ashli Babbitt, and we will never forget her. The hysterical panic you see by the communist traitors in the United States is them realizing that the game is up, and that if they don't get rid of Trump, they will be expelled from government and many, if not most, will got to prison for their crimes against the United States and its citizens. We would have never arrived at this point if the Democrats and assorted RINOs had decided to hear Trump's case regarding the well-documented theft of the election by the DNC. What Trump has done in his brash New York way, is simply hold up a mirror to the criminal traitors and allowed them to expose and entrap themselves in full view of the nation and the world. Take heart, patriots, January 6 signals the end of Leftism in America.

Vote Trump 2020!

By: The Nationalist

If you want to keep your country and prevent it from being taken over by a hostile globalist ruling class that is using white liberals as useful idiots, and minorities and foreigners as shock troops, to turn your country into a communist, Third World, failed state, then it is essential that you vote for Donald Trump on November 3. You will never cast a more important ballot in your life. The United States' future as a free and prosperous nation depends on voting Trump 2020.

The anarchists, terrorists and looters that call themselves Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the useful idiots of the Jews and the rest of the traitorous, sell-out ruling class. The woke mob is comprised of uniformly mediocre individuals who are seeking power without merit, and material comfort without work. They have opted for communist totalitarianism and dependency because they can't live up to traditional Western standards of achievement. if we are to both prevent the ecocide, and preserve our organic culture, we must depose the narcissistic materialists in power, send all diversity home, and create a hierarchy based on nature and arete, or moral virtue and excellence in all endeavors. We will win this culture war and save the West.

Bioleninism is the replacement of national populations with foreigners in order to establish a totalitarian state. Bioleninism has a long history as it was used in antiquity by tyrants. Indeed, Aristotle and Plato wrote about the perils of foreign immigration more than two thousand years ago. The coronavirus presents an excellent opportunity for the leading state and corporate actors, and the Jewish fifth column, to establish totalitarianism nation by nation and then globally by restricting free movement of citizens through quarantine, thereby making everyone dependent on virtual communication and digital currency. The state seeks to control and censor the internet in order to broadcast totalitarian propaganda. Jewish control of the MSM is intended to stop criticism of systemic Jewish financial and other predation, and to promote white replacement through open borders and globalization. The use of bioweapons and/or the political and economic profiteering off a pandemic, are a natural offshoot of bioleninism, or the weaponization of nature for totalitarian political ends.

Pattern Recognition: Practice Test

By: The Nationalist

Pattern recognition is an important part of human survival, both for individuals and groups. Can you identify the pattern below?

Percent of Jews in the United States

Sanctuary Cities

Coronavirus hotspots

Answer: Communist Jews invaded the country, took over our institutions using civil rights leglislation, promoted open borders and globalization, and tried to make us ignore their totalitarian ethnic pattern through pro-diversity propaganda and censorship. All diversity is destructive to the West, bringing with it ideological and biological viruses from foreign groups that want to conquer us. It's time to send minorities home to their own nations in an efficient and humane way, and the world will be a better place for everyone.

 COVID-19 is a pandemic that never should have happened. To keep and manipulate viruses together in a lab in anticipation of stopping future virus outbreaks is hubris at best and stupidity at worst. Maybe its time for humans to stop playing god and live in harmony with nature by respecting its biological limits? Big Pharma makes money off of sick people who they make "healthy" with drugs for profit, in order to promote the overconsumption of the globalized economy which is destroying the environment. COVID-19 comes at a time when the United States and China are in the midst of an economic war that could turn into a shooting war. Western governments are now using the virus as an excuse to establish martial law in order to retain their power. Beware of anyone who would deny you your right to speak your mind and question the official narrative, or who uses a crisis to expand their power without a reasonable, fact-base argument on why you should comply with their edicts.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds research by for profit pharmaceutical companies to create and deploy untested mRNA vaccines. Already in 2019, Bill Gates was predicting a virus pandemic he referred to as Event 201. Government attempts to leverage the COVID-19 crisis to become more totalitarian will not go according to plan. COVID-19 is the catalyst for the economic collapse of the debt economy. Borders that close will not reopen, and realism will replace ideology, including feminism, diversity and democracy, which along with globalism, are now dead. COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to reestablish a better world based on national identity and sovereignty. Let's take advantage of that.

Like a killer in a crime novel, the US Deep State had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to create the COVID-19 virus and pandemic. They are also connected to the rest of the world's leading politicians and business leaders via the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Davos globalists are seeking to reduce the world population and profit from the patenting and sale of virus vaccines. The coronavirus pandemic will destroy the lives of many, leaving a few resource-strong individuals, many of which are Jews, to profiteer and increase their power. Along with the invented climate crisis, COVID-19 will allow globalists to control the population through fear in order to establish the totalitarian New World Order. Now that they control natural resources, they want to decide who lives and who dies. Their hubris will not go unnoticed by nature.

COVID-19 appears to be an engineered virus; it is not as deadly as other coronaviruses such as SARS or MERS, but is more infectious. China, the Deep State, Wall Street insiders, the Davos Set, Jews and Israel seem to benefit most from COVID's creation as it imperils Trump's re-election, opens the door for financial profiteering by insiders, provides an excuse for expansion of the surveillance state, and serves as a scapegoat for the pending collapse of the global debt economy. In the meantime COVID-19 has harmed and killed people in all nations, even as the MSM creates unnecessary hysteria and fear before knowing all the facts.

My advice to feminists on and after International Women's day is this: shape up and take responsibility for yourselves instead of playing the false victim. Women and men exist to reproduce with each within their own ethnic and racial groups. Hard economic times produce hard men, and when the totalitarian fraud of globalism collapses, feminism and diversity will collapse with it. Western men will rise up, seize back power, and drive out the hostile invaders from our nations and rebuild our economies based on productive value. The New World Order is dead, and we in the nations of the West will make sure it stays that way as we reproduce the next generation in cooperation with our proud feminine (not feminist) women.

Globalization Is Dead

By: Sir Ravensword

Globalization is a totalitarian ideology that seeks to turn the world into an economic monoculture, or plantation. Hostile globalists have captured the states of the West in order to subjugate them and establish global federalism. To succeed they must destroy Western national majorities through open borders, mass immigration, multiculturalism, taxes and debt, in order to turn everyone into an economic slave. Nature has exposed the ideological lie of globalization and resulting ecocide, as diverse societies die, natural disasters and plagues are exacerbated by overpopulation, and viruses and diseases are spread by mass tourism and immigration. In the West we must close our borders and send minorities home, cut our government down to size and base it on natural law, and build up own own communities through cooperation and productive self-reliance. Globalization is dead. Nature killed it.

Congrats on Brexit, UK!

By: Excaliber

First, let me congratulate the British on their courage and fortitude in carrying out Brexit and leaving the EU for good. Good show! You have set an example of national emancipation for the West and in particular for all the nations of Europe to follow. Now the protracted fight begins to secure fair trade with the EU without compromising on immigration, national security, fishing rights, and agriculture, among other issues; and without the UK becoming a low-cost/low-wage dumping ground for big business and multinational corporations, or an environmental cesspit of pesticides and unregulated industrial pollution. In the link is my article "Brexit or Bust!" from a year ago predicting Brexit, which also discusses the totalitarian federation that is the EU, and how and why it came into being. Enjoy and cheers again to the UK! You're finally free!

Never Any End To Leftism

By: The Nationalist

Leftism is an eternal means to power: a totalitarian self-licking ice cream cone that uses foreign immigrants and minorities to attack the national groups of the West, in a divide and conquer strategy the deflects attention from the politbureau/Davos set in charge, and always results in poverty, violence and death, and ultimately mass murder. Don't be fooled by the new flavor of woke market socialism. It is just communism in the guise of narcissistic materialism, invented after WWII and popularized by the Boomers/68ers; and adopted by brainwashed Millennials, who were promised free stuff. But as we know, nothing is free.

Western Europeans, or whites, make up 11.5% of the world population, approximately 850 million people. Whites are a minority in the world, but not in their own homelands, yet. Without being alarmist, according to the IUCN red list, whites today are in the threatened category and can be classified as vulnerable (VU) to extinction "unless the circumstances that are threatening (their) survival and reproduction improve." Other species can't defend themselves from humans, but humans can, and when threatened Western Europeans will fight and defeat their enemies. In case you haven't noticed, we are at war with totalitarianism and its invading diversity army, and it's time to start fighting in earnest.

The Jews are at it again, fomenting another war in the Middle East to carry out their Yinon Plan for Greater Israel. The Jewish neocon extrajudicial murder of Qassim Soleimani was a major geopolitical mistake that signals the end of the Jewish Century and U.S. dominance in the Middle East. Americans are sick of Jewish warmongers and supremacists, and are increasingly identifying them as such online and in daily conversation. Jewish control and use of the U.S. Government to wage war abroad should be of great concern to all Americans. It is the Second Amendment that preserves the First Amendment and keeps Jews and other globalists from establishing totalitarian control of the United States and engaging in domestic democide against the national population.

Our polarized, unstable, indebted, contemporary West is the result of the tolerance curve of power. What you tolerate you get more of: in this case, hostile invaders. Tolerance becomes acceptance, then submission, and finally oppression of the last remaining holdouts, or patriots, who will defend themselves, their families, and their nation against minority invasion and tyranny. The opposite of tolerance is patriotic self-defense, which is always moral and just.

Attack of The Zombie Leftists!

By: The Smoking Gun

The West is dying because it is diseased. That disease is called Leftism. A zombie Leftist society is one based on mediocrity because there is no reward or benefit for merit or achievement, even as minorities are supported by the state. In the MSM, Jews create a narrative to justify this destruction and takeover of the United States via bioleninism, or the replacement of white heritage Americans by foreigners. Jewish media psyops have turned white liberals into zombies unable and unwilling to defend themselves against foreign invasion and minority rule. Unlike zombie deer, zombie Leftists can be cured by presenting them with logic and facts about the threat to their survival, resulting in a traditional Western political and cultural renaissance that legislates to send all minorities home, for the good of all nations.

White Greatness

By: The Nationalist

The West is great because it was founded by pioneering white men who had the intelligence, creativity, and courage to build societies in the North, and develop successful political and economic systems based on free speech to ensure their prosperity, while also exploring the world and creating all the scientific inventions that make life comfortable today, along with the artistic achievements that make the world orderly and beautiful. All of this will disappear if Third World immigrants are allowed to invade the West and replace its population demographically. The globalist-led white genocide needs to be stopped and all foreign invaders of the West sent home. Without Western Europeans and their descendants the whole world will become totalitarian and poor.

Only when we return to the divine forms of nature, based on our connection to place and our ethnic community, will we rediscover the beauty of life and its splendid biodiversity. To preserve this biodiversity, we must return to nature law in our government, decentralize power to the local level, eschew consumer culture, and return everyone to their traditional homelands where they can thrive according to the own aesthetics. Only then can we appreciate the aesthetics of others without them adulterating our own. Aesthetics are essential for national survival.

From Merchants to Moneylenders

By: Sir Ravensword

There is nature and there are ideologies. The power of the merchant class is based on the ideology of materialism. Every social and political problem we have today has been created by the hostile Jewish merchant class. The great political divide in America is a battle between Jews and the national populations that they live amongst and rule. The choice is between Jewish totalitarianism, or Western merit and natural law.

Caste vs. Class

By: Sir Ravensword

Caste and class are not synonymous as the ruling Vaishya merchant class would have you believe. Social class is an economic definition. Caste is a moral and ethical definition, and although rigid, is mutable, like class. A man of high caste can become degenerate; a man of low class can be high caste based on his moral and ethical integrity. For the ruling merchant class, high caste aristocratic values are simply impediments to the maximum efficiency of their globalized economic system which makes everyone into a low class and low caste wage slave without property, morality, or ethics. This is truly a case of the people emulating their leaders.

The Illumination of Degeneracy

By: The Smoking Gun

Western society is becoming increasingly degenerate. Behaviors and lifestyles which in the past were considered unacceptable have now been mainstreamed in popular culture, undermining the family and thereby contributing to the breakdown of the social contract. The Enlightenment gave birth to individualism at the expense of the nation and culture, and opened the door to Leftism. All the social problems and political chaos we have today were brought to us by Jews via Leftism. Jews promote their degeneracy in the MSM and schools to destroy national populations and establish a totalitarian One World State via globalization and open borders.

Ethnic groups create nations to defend themselves from territorial invasion by other groups. The tide has turned on foreign ethnocentrism and related globalization. Nations are now legitimately defending themselves against outside and internal threats.  This will also require the deportation of all minorities to their ethnic homelands. In the process we will preserve the unique human biodiversity which has developed over the last hundred thousand years.

Leftism is a "have your cake and eat it, too", ideology. What all Leftists have in common is that they want something for nothing. They do not bake the cake (produce something of value) themselves, but simply steal it from others. Leftist governments use democracy, egalitarianism, and civil rights law to force the white majority of the West to "bake cake" that minorities eat at their expense. In the West we need to bake our own cake for our nations and ourselves alone.

My message to young white men is to take responsibility for your own future. You are not victims. You control your own destiny, and you are still the envy of the world. Now focus you anger on defeating your Leftist opponents and creating a life of beauty, quality, and greatness in cooperation with your peers. That is your both your heritage and your destiny.

The USSA Is The New USSR

By: The Nationalist

To survive the well-funded Jewish propaganda war on whites, it is important to not overreact or engage in any violence that is not in self-defense. Jews and the sellout ruling class are pursing a divide and conquer strategy, and are seeking an excuse to either impose totalitarian communist rule, or provoke a civil war in the United States. Everyday, more and more white Americans are waking up as a result of access to the truth, and changing their beliefs and behavior in regard to the Jewish Leftist status quo and its failing equality and diversity agenda. Time to wake up, Antifa.

Diversity Is The Problem
By: The Smoking Gun

That fifty+ years of Leftism hasn't convinced the majority of any nation that "diversity is our strength", is proof that genes trump ideology every time. Given that Leftists don't have reason, logic, or nature on their side, it is not surprising that they have become hysterical. In the process they revealed what we have suspected all along: that their ideology is based on nothing but anti-white resentment and the lust for power. All the more reason for the diversity to be sent back home, where they belong.

Men are best suited for political leadership. Unlike women, they are able to effectively deal with threats, and punish the guilty, without misguided compassion. A non-matriarchal West would not have the immigration problem it has today if men were in charge, or if the men in charge weren't feminized cucks. It would also have a better economy, a higher birth rate and happier women, in spite of themselves.

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