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After a long hiatus, Culture Critique is back online with the same mission as always: to save the West from collapse from internal treason and hostile invasion and restore it to its former greatness by telling the truth about the threat to our survival and those responsible for the attacks on our families, culture, and way of life, while proposing solutions to fight back.

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By: Alamo

In The Republic, Plato presents the allegory of the cave, where prisoners sit staring at the shadows cast onto the cave wall by the puppeteers, who hold them in thrall with symbolic representations for the sake of their own power. Today the ideological cave that many if not most people live in is a complex made up of the school system, the tech industry, the media, big business, and the government. The main symbol projected onto the cave wall is equality, a condition that does not and has never existed outside the cave in the real world. The totalitarian ruling class seeks to impose equality to standardize and undermine the population by taking from the good and giving to the bad, until all of society has a lower quality of life. Key to this mission was their attempt to create a global medical tyranny via Covid19, a destructive yet false pandemic. Fortunately, they failed. Now we will depose them from power and take back our nations.

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By: Valkyrie

The Vikings understood that life is struggle between order and chaos. Good and evil exist in the world. The good is life-affirming and evil is a death cult. Good societies develop in harmony with nature and are founded on natural law.

Ragnarok, the battle between the Norse gods and the Jotunes that leads to the end of the world, serves a cautionary tale of how diversity can destroy your civilization, but it also give us hope that order and beauty can be reborn after a conflict, when the gods return to reestablish their kingdom.

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By: Sir Ravensword

The problem of diversity dates back to the beginning of human civilization.Throughout history the mixing of tribes has always been taboo, because it results in conflict both at the genetic and cultural level. Over time, nations that have become empires are destroyed and their original tribe mixed out of existence or rendered an oppressed minority in their own land through open borders immigration from the "colonies" and attack by hostile conquering nations. If you look at busts of the Roman emperors and bureaucrats over time, you can see how Rome became more foreign and diverse until its division and eventual collapse. 

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By: The Smoking Gun

The term folklore was coined by an Englishman named William Thoms. Folklore is the culture, learning, and knowledge of a distict people, or nation. World Folklore Day was created in 1960 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), an organization that has the expressed goal of replacing the “folk” of Western European nations with non-Western foreigners. It seems that, for the UN, EU, and the hostile leadership of Western European countries, some folk are more important than others. Let's use this day as a moment to reflect on our own folklore, and commit ourselves to preserving, defending, and reproducing it for future generations. 

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By: Alamo

There’s a lot to be angry about these days. The status quo view of anger is that it is not an acceptable emotion. The ruling class prefer you to feel despair and as a result become passive in the face of their economic attack and exploitation of everyday people. Anger, on the other hand, is often justified, and can be a catalyst for change when we are trespassed against. 

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