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The Illumination of Degeneracy

By: The Smoking Gun

Western society is becoming increasingly degenerate. Behaviors and lifestyles which in the past were considered unacceptable have now been mainstreamed in popular culture, undermining the family and thereby contributing to the breakdown of the social contract. The Enlightenment gave birth to individualism at the expense of the nation and culture, and opened the door to Leftism. All the social problems and political chaos we have today were brought to us by Jews via Leftism. Jews promote their degeneracy in the MSM and schools to destroy national populations and establish a totalitarian One World State via globalization and open borders.

Ethnic groups create nations to defend themselves from territorial invasion by other groups. The tide has turned on foreign ethnocentrism and related globalization. Nations are now legitimately defending themselves against outside and internal threats.  This will also require the deportation of all minorities to their ethnic homelands. In the process we will preserve the unique human biodiversity which has developed over the last hundred thousand years.

Leftism is a "have your cake and eat it, too", ideology. What all Leftists have in common is that they want something for nothing. They do not bake the cake (produce something of value) themselves, but simply steal it from others. Leftist governments use democracy, egalitarianism, and civil rights law to force the white majority of the West to "bake cake" that minorities eat at their expense. In the West we need to bake our own cake for our nations and ourselves alone.

My message to young white men is to take responsibility for your own future. You are not victims. You control your own destiny, and you are still the envy of the world. Now focus you anger on defeating your Leftist opponents and creating a life of beauty, quality, and greatness in cooperation with your peers. That is your both your heritage and your destiny.

The USSA Is The New USSR

By: The Nationalist

To survive the well-funded Jewish propaganda war on whites, it is important to not overreact or engage in any violence that is not in self-defense. Jews and the sellout ruling class are pursing a divide and conquer strategy, and are seeking an excuse to either impose totalitarian communist rule, or provoke a civil war in the United States. Everyday, more and more white Americans are waking up as a result of access to the truth, and changing their beliefs and behavior in regard to the Jewish Leftist status quo and its failing equality and diversity agenda. Time to wake up, Antifa.

Diversity Is The Problem
By: The Smoking Gun

That fifty+ years of Leftism hasn't convinced the majority of any nation that "diversity is our strength", is proof that genes trump ideology every time. Given that Leftists don't have reason, logic, or nature on their side, it is not surprising that they have become hysterical. In the process they revealed what we have suspected all along: that their ideology is based on nothing but anti-white resentment and the lust for power. All the more reason for the diversity to be sent back home, where they belong.

Men are best suited for political leadership. Unlike women, they are able to effectively deal with threats, and punish the guilty, without misguided compassion. A non-matriarchal West would not have the immigration problem it has today if men were in charge, or if the men in charge weren't feminized cucks. It would also have a better economy, a higher birth rate and happier women, in spite of themselves.

Respect the Race Taboo

By: Tiktaalik

The taboo against race-mixing exists to preserve the genetic heritage of a nation, and it must be respected at all costs. Break it and you contribute to you own death and the death of your people. My message to white men and white women everywhere is this: You belong to a genetic heritage that has produced the greatest civilization in world history. It's high time to take your own side, oppose the Third World minority invasion, and reproduce with your own people.

Like the natural world, civilizations go through cycles of birth, growth, maturity, and decline. Human civilizations are founded by the violence of strong, skilled, ambitious, and intelligent individuals. Western nations are in decadent decline, and it is only a matter of time before the corporate state decides to imprison or kill dissidents, in order to preserve its failed ideology of egalitarianism. The arc of civilization will be complete when the warrior aristocracy once again rises up and fights to re-establish a society of excellence based on natural law.

Noise is pollution. Sensible, law-abiding Westerners instinctively dislike noise because they understand the environmental decay it represents. The great achievements of Western culture serve as a constant reminder to Third World groups of their historical, universal failures as societies. Which is why the diversity is trying to destroy the West they have invaded. All diversity needs to be sent home, humanely, before they turn Western countries into Third World wastelands.

Narcissists care only about themselves. The Baby Boomers are the narcissistic generation. Narcissism and virtue-signaling go hand in hand. Boomers gave us egalitarianism and civil rights so they could pursue a selfish materialist lifestyle. They sold out Gen X and Millennials for the sake of their own greed. The United States is in terminal decline because of the Boomers.

We don't need minorities, but they need us; it's time to dismantle the anti-white Civil Rights legislation that is ruining America, so minorities can better understand how much they depend on us, and more importantly so they learn self-sufficiency based on American standards, and ideally so they go home when the "free stuff" including jobs, government protection, and favorable media coverage are gone. Time for "minority flight" back to their homelands.

Being physically healthy means not eating junk food, not overeating, and exercising regularly. Being mentally healthy means not watching the MSM and Hollywood movies, or becoming addicted to social media and video games that steal your time and life away, when you could be connecting with others, and producing something useful and of value to yourself and others.

Western democracy and capitalism work when people are allowed to pursue their own best interest without undue state interference. It is this live and let live attitude that is being attacked by social engineering that intends to force people to accept ideologies and lifestyles they do not agree with. If minorities are to be tolerated, they need to mind their own business, adopt a live and let live attitude, and make it on their own merit like everyone else. That is the American way.

Mass immigration is really foreign invasion, and the real diversity of the world depends on it being stopped at all costs. We don't need any more corporate globalization. Every nation needs to pursue its own path, as opposed to every nation becoming the same low quality, generic hellhole. Globalization is ecocide. We need a moratorium on immigration. 

Race Hustlers Lynch Themselves

By: The Smoking Gun

Jussie Smollett is a narcissistic race hustler who payed two black Nigerian men he knew personally to stage a fake assault of himself to advance his acting career. Identity politics race hustling now needs to invent fake racist violence to justify itself. Minorities need to take responsibility for themselves and stop wrongfully inventing crimes and blaming their problems on white men.

"Hate Speech" Does Not Exist

By: Sir Ravensword

"Hate speech" like so many other Leftist ideological memes, does not exist. Speech is just speech. You might not like it, it might be insulting, or simply the truth, or both, but sooner or later Leftists need to come to grips with the fact that their scam has been exposed, that they are making it worse by their ranting and raving vulgarity, and that they need to face reality and stop projecting. Diversity is a zero sum game that always eats its own.

In the long run, there is no such thing as other people's diversity, there is only demographic replacement. It's time to take our own side. This doesn't mean being uncivil or violent, but rather in an organized way setting about changing perceptions with the people you know and meet, and lobbying our government to end EEO and Affirmative Action, and to close our borders.

American culture is in decline. Whether it is literature, music, visual media, and the arts in general; commercialism, vulgarity, and political propaganda have taken over cultural production, removing it from the hands of individuals artists, and national and local traditions, and placing it firmly in the control of the corporate state and ethnic minorities, mainly Jews.

Ocasio Cortez's Green New Deal is a means to impose a centrally planned economy on everyday citizens, using the environment as a foil. If a Green New Deal is to help the environment and the economy, the government needs to end immigration, and make it easier for small businesses to set up shop by cutting red tape and offering tax incentives. American businesses need to hire American citizens.

Trump's Jewish State of The Union

By: The Smoking Gun

Trump is our first Jewish president. Trump cucks for the Jews because they helped him become president. Hence the Iran is a threat talking point, and the Jewish victimhood lecture in his State of the Union. Trump did give a good criticism of illegal immigration, and pointed out that the USA will never be socialist, to the visible dismay of the Democrats in attendance, who also love war.

To make health care affordable, we need to cut the health insurance industry out of routine care and treatment, and end the drug monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry. Americans would be better off with private doctors having a direct relationship with their patients, and billing them transparently without the insurance middleman.

Now that we are truly hitting the wall on debt, the banksters have come up with a new theory to keep the good times rolling, for them. It's called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), and its basic premise is simple: allow the government to print as much money as it wants and not pay its debts. This won't stop the pending market collapse. Buy gold.

Fascism now comes from the Left under the guise of false virtue and diversity propaganda. Remember totalitarianism respects no limits to its own power. Today it is your political opponent, tomorrow it is you. Reasonable people who base their world view on reality and pattern recognition will clearly perceive this threat and fight the corporate state at all costs, in order to preserve their national culture and personal liberty.

The corporate state promotes both diversity and race mixing because it wants everyone to be a generic consumer and not a citizen of a particular nation with a unique history and culture. In spite of the corporate globalization agenda, there will never be a One World Race that will be genetically uniform enough to be controlled by a One World State.

Since the founding of the United States, every successive group of immigrants has harmed heritage Americans. That national populations are increasingly opposing the globalists, is a very positive sign. It is moral to defend yourself and your nation from invaders. It is immoral to destroy national cultures for the sake of greed. We are now seeing the beginning of the end of the corporate state and the legacy of Tammany Hall.

The future is national and local, not global. Nation by nation, a new warrior aristocracy is rising up to depose the global merchant class and restore order and sanity to the world, thereby bringing about a golden age of conservation, quality and excellence that has been long absent. The Kali Yuga will then come to an end.

The Gillette ad, The Best A Man Can Be, is anti-white propaganda hiding behind a feminist agenda which slanders men, and turns women and men against each other. Mainstream media is diversity propaganda for the corporate state.


If the Davos Crowd were as smart as they think they are, they would drop their self-serving propaganda, fake virtue signaling, divide and conquer identity politics, and open borders plan; pay their taxes, offer fair wages and focus on providing something useful and of value to citizens. Elite status is based on merit, not on greed and theft.

Brexit or Bust!

By: Excalibur

In the end Brexit is not going to work out as the EU bureaucrats want, even if the globalists try to rig the result. The British will get their sovereignty back, and the EU will probably not last another five years. So get out the popcorn and enjoy the show as the nations of the West wrest free of the clutches of the globalist corporate state.


British pride!


The main goal of revisionist history is the destruction of heritage America, until the nation becomes a distorted and amnesiac inversion of itself. The toppling, destruction, and removal of Confederate statues commemorating the Civil War is part of a culture war waged by Leftists and immigrants against the nation. Americans need to defend the United States and its history, values and symbols at all costs.

My advice to Western women is to stand by the men of your country, if you want your ethnic heritage to survive, and if you enjoy what it means to be a feminine woman. You'll be happier for it, drink less wine, and won't need a cat to keep you company.

Extremists aside, the problem with Muslims is not that they are Muslim, but that they are in Europe where they do not belong. There is no need for Europeans to fall into the trap of a violent Clash of Civilizations, when European nations can simply deport Muslims, and indeed all minorities, from Europe back to their home countries, in a humane way.

There Is Only Minority Privilege

By: The Smoking Gun

Minority privilege is a legacy of Ellis Island and the civil rights movement, which made all minority groups protected classes, including white women. We need to end minority privilege forthwith by repealing all civil rights law, and restore an America where people earn their place on their own merit, as the founding Western Europeans did.

The only way to escape from bad education is to tune out from the MSM, take you children out of K-12 and homeschool them, and skip college, in favor of learning what you want based on your own needs and interests.

Free speech allows people to openly exchange ideas in person, in print and in groups, and it produces nations where quality and excellence are valued and pursued through healthy competition, and where bad ideas, injustice, and oppression are shunned. Free speech is disappearing from Europe, and under threat in the United States.

Just as corporations need to stop producing useless stuff, with the consequence of degrading the environment and destroying habitat; the government needs to stop hiring unnecessary employees, and providing functions and passing laws that aren't needed, and are more often than not obstacles to prosperity and quality of life.

The Stock Market Is A Scam

By: Sir Ravensword

The stock market is a wealth transfer system from the citizen investor to the corporations and the economic and political rulers of the corporate state. The globalists have convinced citizens that they need to be a part of The Market in order to prosper. As a result, working people can't get fair pay for honest work, or affordable housing.

Leftists are not for the environment in any substantive way. They believe like all totalitarians that the individual is the highest order, and that man can be made into anything, if given the "right" ideas, incentives and punishment for noncompliance, all irrespective of environmental constraints.

The only true diversity is the diversity of historic nation states that respect each other's language, culture, and sovereignty. The nation is the highest order, and it must be preserved at all costs. That starts with making English the official national language of the United States. 

 For liberal white women voters, a vote for the Democrats is a vote for their replacement and a foreclosed future for their children who will be excluded from the minority-majority corporate state. They will be following white men out the door of the Democratic Party.

The Media Lie of Diversity

By: The Smoking Gun

Have you ever noticed how almost every commercial you watch has a diverse cast of actors? One for every color in the crayon box? While white men are increasingly absent?

America is not a nation of immigrants: many are founders, such as the Ancient Planters of Jamestown and the Pilgrims of Plymouth. Anyone who can trace their lineage back to before the Declaration of Independence is part of the founding group.

The State Is Not The Nation

By: Sir Ravensword

By deciding to socially engineer the nation to suit its totalitarian agenda, the state has overstepped its bounds. The nation always trumps the state, and loyalty to one's tribe alway supersedes state ideology and its lies, including equality, diversity, and political correctness.

Nancy Pelosi stated that she considers the border wall "immoral." Along with the rise of self-interested virtue signaling, the definition of morality has apparently changed. Because corporate Democrats have no moral standing, they need to redefine morality to mean whatever suits their agenda. For Leftists like Pelosi anything that prevents them for retaining and increasing their power, is immoral.

Jesus Was Not A Virtue Signaler

By: Sir Ravensword

Leftists love virtue signaling because it costs them nothing, while granting them status in the eyes of the mob. It was inevitable that this strategy would become pervasive in a narcissistic society.

Relentless globalist support and promotion of immigration and open borders has forced the national populations of Europe to draw a red line.

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