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In the long run, there is no such thing as other people's diversity, there is only demographic replacement. It's time to take our own side. This doesn't mean being uncivil or violent, but rather in an organized way setting about changing perceptions with the people you know and meet, and lobbying our government to end EEO and Affirmative Action, and to close our borders.

American culture is in decline. Whether it is literature, music, visual media, and the arts in general; commercialism, vulgarity, and political propaganda have taken over cultural production, removing it from the hands of individuals artists, and national and local traditions, and placing it firmly in the control of the corporate state and ethnic minorities, mainly Jews.

Ocasio Cortez's Green New Deal is a means to impose a centrally planned economy on everyday citizens, using the environment as a foil. If a Green New Deal is to help the environment and the economy, the government needs to end immigration, and make it easier for small businesses to set up shop by cutting red tape and offering tax incentives. American businesses need to hire American citizens.

To make health care affordable, we need to cut the health insurance industry out of routine care and treatment, and end the drug monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry. Americans would be better off with private doctors having a direct relationship with their patients, and billing them transparently without the insurance middleman.

Now that we are truly hitting the wall on debt, the banksters have come up with a new theory to keep the good times rolling, for them. It's called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), and its basic premise is simple: allow the government to print as much money as it wants and not pay its debts. This won't stop the pending market collapse. Buy gold.

Totalitariasm comes from the Left under the guise of false virtue and diversity propaganda. Remember, Leftists respect no limits to their own power. Today it is your political opponent, tomorrow it is you. Reasonable people who base their world view on reality and pattern recognition will clearly perceive this threat and fight the corporate state at all costs, in order to preserve their national culture and personal liberty.

The corporate state promotes both diversity and race mixing because it wants everyone to be a generic consumer and not a citizen of a particular nation with a unique history and culture. In spite of the corporate globalization agenda, there will never be a One World Race that will be genetically uniform enough to be controlled by a One World State.

Since the founding of the United States, every successive group of immigrants has harmed heritage Americans. That national populations are increasingly opposing the globalists, is a very positive sign. It is moral to defend yourself and your nation from invaders. It is immoral to destroy national cultures for the sake of greed. We are now seeing the beginning of the end of the corporate state and the legacy of Tammany Hall.

The future is national and local, not global. Nation by nation, a new warrior aristocracy is rising up to depose the global merchant class and restore order and sanity to the world, thereby bringing about a golden age of conservation, quality and excellence that has been long absent. The Kali Yuga will then come to an end.

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