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Leftists are not for the environment in any substantive way. They believe like all totalitarians that the individual is the highest order, and that man can be made into anything, if given the "right" ideas, incentives and punishment for noncompliance, all irrespective of environmental constraints.

Don’t be fooled by the corporate Republicans, or corporate Democrats, for that matter. The Carbon Tax Dividend scheme is just another way for corporate America to externalize the cost of pollution onto the public, while also avoiding accountability.

What the rights of nature laws codify is the law of nature itself. Humans are a part of nature, we do not own or control it.

To avoid cannibalizing each other for easy growth and market share, and to continue to be competitive in the long term, CEOs need to get better at making a case to shareholders on the importance of social and environmental sustainability.

Increasingly, people are sleeping less in order to keep up with the pace of modern life, while also having more trouble sleeping because of stress resulting from their busy schedules.

While we are all subject to the 24-hour circadian rhythm, we have different chronotypes, or patterns of sleeping and waking.

Dreams can be a great inspiration. The Catalan painter Salvador Dali got some of the ideas for his surreal paintings from his practice of balancing a spoon on the edge of a glass.

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